(FREE) Bronze (Essentials Collection) Membership NFT

Free Bronze (Essentials Collection) Membership NFT

($1,500 USD) VALUE
(Limited Time Opportunity)
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Claim your FREE Crypto Bulls Apparel Bronze (Essentials Collection) membership NFT today and get the following member benefits:

  • Free download of¬†your color changing Bronze (Essentials Collection) Membership NFT into your digital wallet upon claiming.
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  • (1) Complimentary OpenSea (Open Edition) digital art "Fiat Exodus" Parting of The CurrenSea NFT shown below featuring¬†the revolutionary Bitcoin Founder "Satoshi Nakamoto", a $1,500 value on¬†Open Sea.

(Click Image Below To View Your Complimentary OpenSea (Open Edition) "Fiat Exodus" NFT

This (Open Edition) is a digital art NFT honoring the pseudonymous Bitcoin founder "Satoshi Nakamoto", titled “Satoshi Fiat Exodus" - Parting of The CurrenSea. 
This NFT artistically depicts Satoshi unleashing his Bitcoin creation and parting the financial sea of currencies, causing the exodus of Fiat currency while introducing cryptocurrency which he envisioned as a decentralized digital economy that would provide a global financial solution to the world.


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