$2500 Silver (Signature Collection) Membership NFT w/ (1 Month of Free) Select (Limited Edition) Drops & Collaborations

$2,500 Silver (Signature Collection) Membership NFT with (*1 month of Free) Select (Limited Edition) Drops & Collaborations.

($2,500 USD) VALUE
Limited To (25,000 Members)
Note: Metamask digital wallet is required for membership NFT storage and product purchase access.
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Purchase your limited availability $2,500 Crypto Bulls Apparel Silver (Signature Collection) membership NFT today and get the following member benefits:


  • (*1 month of free) select (Limited Edition) Drops and Collaborations
  • Download of¬†your¬†Silver¬†(Signature Collection)¬†Membership NFT into your digital wallet upon¬†purchase.
  • Purchase access to¬†Crypto Bulls Apparel (members-only) token-gated (Signature¬†Collection), Limited Edition Drops, and Collaborations¬†that make you look and feel like a billionaire.
  • (1 of 27,000) download of complimentary Verisart certified Open Sea (Digital art Profile Pic) of (The Moolah Family "Brand Mascots") a (27,000) NFT collection featuring¬†our¬†Crypto Bulls Apparel brand mascots "The Moolah Family" showcasing¬†our crypto inspired fashion¬†brand.a $2,500 value.¬† (Note: 2,000 of the 27,000 NFT collection is reserved for Gold and Diamond members as complimentary downloads.)

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NFT Verisart Certified

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