MetaMask Wallet Instructions on How to Install, Claim, and Display NFTs

MetaMask Wallet Instructions on How to Install, Claim, and Display NFTs

Installation Instruction

Crypto Bulls Apparel offers free promotional brand NFTs and Proof Of Ownership NFTs for our limited edition apparel collections such as our Box Logos, Billionaire Mindset, Collaborations, Dubai Signature Collection, and Designer Belts.

We create branded NFTs which are a string of numbers and letters combined with an image to create a unique identifier or a digital thumb print that is indefinitely stored on the blockchain and accessible by a MetaMask digital wallet.

Our NFTs are delivered via email with claim instructions after your checkout.

What is a MetaMask wallet?

Before installing and making transactions with MetaMask, let’s discuss what MetaMask is and why it is so popular.

MetaMask is a popular web-based wallet where you can store and trade NFTs and Crypto that enables you to interact on the blockchain.

The wallet can be installed as a browser extension on PCs or be installed on popular smartphones such as android and ios mobile devices.

Installing the wallet is an easy and pretty straightforward process. I find using MetaMask with Chrome browser or IPhone IOS offer the best experience.

Let’s begin the installation.

Installing MetaMask

Step 1.) Go to or enter it manually. When you are at the website, select your install option:
  • If using PC select your web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera.
  • If using smartphone, select for your OS i.e. IOS or Android.

Based on your browser or phone selection, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your MetaMask installation,

Important Notes:

  • You will be¬†shown a¬†12 WORD SEED PHRASE¬†that is your MetaMask wallet Private key.¬†Store this seed phrase in a safe place and¬†NEVER¬†SHARE¬†it with anyone.
  • You will be asked to create and confirm a separate password for your wallet login. Please, remember this login password. This password is used¬†for login¬†access to¬†your MetaMask wallet to claim your NFTs¬†and crypto.
  • MetaMask wallet is a hidden app that remains in the background until you initiate a NFT claim or Crypto transaction, at which time it will open and request your login password to complete your online claim or transaction.

Once installation is complete, continue with Step 2 below.

Step 2.) Return back to to complete any apparel purchases and NFT claims.

Upon completing Checkout, you will receive two emails, a email purchase receipt and an email to claim your NFT. 

Follow NFT claim email instructions to finalize your NFT claim.

Note: Our NFT's are minted on the Polygon network. So, once you login to MetaMask to claim your NFT, you will need to select network from the top and change your MetaMask network from Ethereum to Polygon from the list of networks available.

  • To view your Crypto Bulls Apparel brand NFT in MetaMask after claim, click on either the NFT tab or the Portfolio Site link then NFTs tab in MetaMask and you will see NFT description with image below.
  • If you do not see your claimed NFT, refer to import NFT instructions below:

  • Import NFT Instructions: (Follow these instructions only if your claimed NFT does not show in MetaMask):

    To import your claimed NFT not shown into your MetaMask wallet, return to MetaMask, click on the import link under the NFT tab. A import window will appear requesting a Contract Number and Token ID Number.

    Follow these instructions to find the contract and ID number:

    1. Return to your NFT claim email and Click Claim Button to display your NFT. A window will open with your NFT.
    2. Click on your Claimed NFT and the full NFT with descriiptions will appear.
    3. Scroll down and locate the Opensea link in the lower left corner.
    4. Click on Opensea link to open and view your very own blockchain registered NFT.
    5. Scroll down and Click on Details tab in lower left. Once open, you will see the Contract Address and Token ID.
    6. Write down your Token ID number to be used for NFT import.
    7. Click the Contract Address and this will display the full address starting with a 0x at the top of Polygonscan.
    8. Write down your NFT contract address, just as you see it, contract address starts with a 0x and is case sensitive. 
    9. Log back into MetaMask.
    10. Click on NFT tab.
    11. Click Import link.
    12. Enter Contract Address and Token ID.
    13. Click import. 

    Congratulations, now your NFT is safely stored and viewable in your MetaMask wallet.

    If you have any questions, contact us via chat for assistance.

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